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Adarsha Multiple Campus

Adarsha Multiple Campus (AMC) was established in 2063 B.S. (2007 A.D.) by a team of professionals, academicians and social workers with an affiliation of Tribhuvan University (TU) as a community based, service oriented, and non-profit making college. In the initial days, this campus ran B. Ed. programme in English, Nepali, Population and Economics Education. As per the local demand, it also obtained affiliation to run bachelor classes in management stream in 2064 B.S. (16 September 2007). As the scope of education expanded in the region, it has introduced Masters in Education (M. Ed.) programme with Education, Planning & Management (EPM) and Nepali Education after 2075 B. S. (2019 A.D.).


This college is situated at Gajuri Bazaar of Gajuri Rural Municipality, Ward Number 1, on the bank of Trishuli River at 65 kilometres west from Kathmandu. One can reach to the college only in two hours’ drive from Kathmandu. Except some emerging markets along the Prithvi Highway, majority of the settlements in and around the college are rural by nature. People with diverse caste/ethnic backgrounds viz. Tamang, Newar, Majhi, Danuwar, Chepang, Brahmins, Chhetris, Sanyasi and Dalit are the beneficiaries of the college.


Primary occupation of most of the people in the catchments areas is farming and livestock keeping. Some hold businesses. Financially, most of the people are unable to invest more for their children particularly for their higher education as being delivered at the major cities with some exceptions. Therefore, this college has been a good hub of higher education in the vicinity particularly for students who are from middle and lower class. It is interesting to note that considerable number of students consists of daughters and daughter-in-laws who are happy due to the educational opportunity being available nearby their settlements.


Though there are 12 community colleges in the district, it is one of the leading educational institutions. It has its own land and buildings. It is accessible in terms of transportation. This college feels responsible towards people, society and the nation. Though it is situated in prime location, the area is pollution free comparatively. The college has potential to extend its physical facilities by purchasing land for diversifying higher/university education in various disciplines and subjects.


AMC has encountered ups and down during 13 years. It has recollected hope and enthusiasm for facilitating youths and adults for their academic and professional career. It has developed partnership with different stakeholders for the secured future of the students. The existing team has ardent desire to lead it towards progress in future. With a fresh commitment and vision, the entire team is oriented to ensure conducive academic environment, mutual understanding, and higher-level intellectual discourse in and around the college. The college has started to alter the situation. This strategic plan for next five years is an outcome of teamwork.



To develop Adarsha Multiple College as a preferred higher educational institution in the region



To contribute the nation by transforming the learners who are enrolled in the college through imparting quality education



  1. To transcend quality knowledge, skills and abilities among learners in realizing the global and national educational agendas including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  2. To contribute to rigorous academic efforts so as to make the college and it’s surrounding an educational hub.


Core Values

The following will be the core values of the college:

Honesty                       Integrity                      Hard work

Perseverance              Punctuality                  Respect to diversity

Humanity                     Neutrality                    Academic excellence

Sustainability               Innovation                  Flawless Leadership